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Let's face it:

Not all natural skincare is created equal

We get it. You’re tired of wasting time and money on the latest natural skincare brand “guaranteeing” results—only to be let down for the twelfth time. Ugh.

The good news? We’re here to set a new standard for natural skincare. Say hello to hand-foraged botanical blends thoughtfully mixed with scientifically formulated active ingredients, giving you the head-to-toe glow you’ve always wanted.



Clean ingredients that *actually* work Our entire skincare line blends a high concentration of rare, adaptogenic ingredients with distilled botanical water (never plain H20 or aqua) so you can get clinical-level results without the clinic. Prepare to pamper yourself in a skincare experience that will transport you to a nature-inspired escape—right in your bathroom.

Island Skincare


With active ingredients ranging from 2-15%, we're leagues ahead of the watered-down industry standard of 2% or less. Get ready for smooth, clear skin that effortlessly glows.
Island Skincare Promise


Ditch the complicated 12-step routine and experience a skincare ritual so intuitive and simple it feels like second nature. Effortless rituals, exceptional results? We love that for you.
xx, Lisa


Eco-friendly, 75% plastic-free packaging is just the start. Our nutrient-rich formulations give you that all-day glow from a single application. Psst: It’s not magic—it’s science.

Our Story

From seed to skin, we know skincare

For 15 years, we've been formulating proprietary botanical skincare for acneic, sensitive, and menopausal skin, backed by rigorous research. Handmade and packaged at our Newfoundland beachfront lab, we champion sustainability by hand-harvesting seasonal, high-quality ingredients without impacting the environment. With us, natural skincare is more than a routine—it's a daily ritual.


Thousands of happy customers since 2009..

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ISC has some of the most effective skincare I have ever used. I have been a customer since 2012 and have never been disappointed. From the quality of their products to their customer service they never disappoint.

Emily Bland

Verified Customer,

Newfoundland, Canada

Jelly Cleanser - l like how clean it leaves my skin. It clears up my acne.

J Froude

Verified Customer Newfoundland Canada

Love the products, especially the Aurora Serum and Jelly Cleanser

Jennifer V

Verified Customer

Ontario, Canada

I really like to support local and these products don't disappoint! I travel a lot and love the travel friendly sizes. I've been a happy customer since 2009!

Mary Pauls

Verified customer

Halifax Nova Scotia

I have acne prone skin and I find the Labrador Tea Night Cream helps calm my skin and reduce breakout and redness. This cream keep my skin hydrated, clear and smooth.

Chelsey Driscoll - Staff Review


Lisa and her team provide our amenities for the tourism season, they are a top quality apothecary. The products are made here in the province using botanicals from the land and sea. Our clients love the quality and the fact that it is locally made

Wholesaler - Battle Harbour Historic Trust

Verified customer since 2014