10 Tips and Rituals For Living Well

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We adore wellness and beauty relaxation rituals. They give us something to look forward to at the beginning and end of the day so we can truly relax and enjoy our personal time more.

1 Start the day with a steaming cup of hot water with a slice of citrus and a few crushed partridgeberries for an antioxidant boost first thing in the morning. Did you know partridgeberries antioxidants get stronger with heat, like in your steaming morning cup of water? 

2  Start your day with a 5-22 minutes of meditation. Having this grounding mind exercise early morning starts your day off right.  Use guided meditations to begin. 

3 Get out for a walk in nature or do some yoga to gently start your day. 

4 Eat some fruit. Get your antioxidants in as snacks throughout the day. We love apples and bananas. If you prefer fresh pressed juice that is awesome. Lisa’s favourite to buy from the grocer is Pulp and Press. 

5 Morning Shower. This time is probably the best thinking time to prepare mentally for the day ahead. We love using Boreal Body Wash with it’s aromatherapy benefits of Lemongrass and Canadian Pine. 

6 Massage. Add a quick 2-5 minute massage to your morning routine. Lisa uses the Amenity Lotion for face and body. It is light, dries in quickly and has powerful antioxidant extracts to even skin tone and nourish the skin. Don’t forget your to massage your hands and cuticles. 

7 Apply your moisturizer from the decollété upwards and always use eye cream. Rose Petal Eye Cream is a favourite for our regular customers 

8 Daily affirmations set the tone of your day. Be nice to yourself and acknowledge your strengths. Talk to yourself, affirm what your day is going to be like.

9 Enjoy a light breakfast. Lisa and Fergus love French inspired breakfasts fruit, croissants, jam, coffee and tea. 

10 Write down your top 3 priorities for the day that need to get done. Everything else on your to do list for work can wait. 

What are your favourite ways to self care?

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