8 Reasons to Shop ISC Beauty This Spring

8 reasons to shop ISC Beauty This Holiday Season, In image Rose Petal Eye Cream
We love creating beautiful self care, if you are looking for authentic, ethically hand made, local we have so many choices for you!
  1.  Local Glow-sperity: By snagging our locally-made Island Skincare goodies, you're not just pampering your skin; you're giving a high-five to your local economy. It's like a skincare dance party, and everyone's invited!

  2. Carbon Footprint Minimization : Think of it as skincare with a green cape! Locally made products have a smaller carbon footprint. So, while you're treating your skin, you're also giving the planet a little spa day.

  3. Farm-to-Face Freshness: Our local skincare is like a veggie salad for your face. Fresh, seasonal ingredients straight from the the wild and our own local beauty farm. Your skin gets the VIP treatment with expertly created formulas with foraged ingredients from land and surrounding sea.

  4. Transparency : For 15 years we've been right here innovating, spilling the beans on our research and development of every ingredient. It's like a skincare tell-all, and you're the VIP insider. 

  5. Community Love Connection: It's not just skincare; it's a love affair.  It's like joining a skincare fan club and getting insider access to all the science and fun behind the scenes.

  6. Award Winning. We've won so many local awards this past 4 years, When locals love your brand you are doing a lot of things right! 

  7.  ✨Cruelty Free: We have done the hard work to get our certification for Cruelty Free from PETA.
  8. ✨Grass Roots Living:  We are proud to support initiatives that help our community at a grass roots level. From donating to youth, senior, pet and social enterprises and charities. We are right there supporting our community.

 Dive into our locally made skincare  – your skin will thank you with a radiant, holiday glow and we'll be doing a happy dance here in our studio. Have a beautiful week beauties! 🌟✨

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