A Skincare Routine For Sensitive Skin

Avalonia Lotion ( older name is Sea Veggie Lotion ) for ultra sensitive skin.

Its Day 6 of our 21 Day Skincare Routine Challenge. Today is all about sensitive Skin.

When you have sensitive skin, every decision in your life is somehow affected. From choosing laundry detergent, to clothing, to your food, beverages and finally to skincare. You need to make smart choices to prevent your skin from reacting to internal and external factors that aggravate your sensitive skin


The short story of sensitive skin is that your skin barrier is not as resilient, nor does your skin produce enough sebum to protect your body. The skin is your first line of defense for protecting you. Let's look at some things that can create adverse responses in the skin from skin, hair and body products. 

As someone who has had sensitive skin my whole life here is the list I have learned to navigate to keep my skin happy and healthy.

1 Avoid fragrance/scented products in your personal care products 

2 Use unscented detergent for sensitive skin or make your own detergent.

3 Avoid harsh preservatives like Sodium lauryl sulphate they irritate your skin. These are common in shampoos , conditioners and body washes. Some of the irritants in skincare can create really bad immune responses in the skin - redness, hives, blotchiness, dryness, heat rash...  Less ingredients is better when you have to be careful with your skincare choices. You can learn more about these on the Think Dirty app, an App created in Canada to help you find safe products. 

4 Have a minimal list of products you use in your skincare routine.

I recommend either of our cleansers, but if you want the most gentle use our Wild Tea Cleanser it has organic aloe and Labrador Tea to calm skin. It is a creamy  based cleanser. Make sure to use lukewarm water, never hot water when washing your face. If your skin does react to something you can put a cool cloth, splash skin with cold water or glide 2 icecubes over your skin

Pat the skin dry, after cleansing with a towel. Never rub it can irritate your face quickly.

Mornings - Apply Avalonia Mystical Lotion ( Sea Veggie Lotion renamed) on the face and neck sparingly. About the size of half a dime.

Evenings apply Labrador Tea Night Cream, it has a toolbox of botanicals that calm skin.

Use Rose Petal Eye Cream around the delicate eye area or use Labrador Tea Day Creams an eye cream ( same consistency  as eye cream) if you prefer to pass on the rose aroma which is slight but it is there nonetheless.

5 Add products to your routine 1 at a time so you know if it irritates your skin.

Wild Tea Cleanser

Avalonia Mystical Lotion or Labrador Tea Day and Night Cream

(texture is important either of these work really well on sensitive skin)

Rose Petal Eye Cream or use Labrador Tea DayCream instead

That is it for the sensitive skin routine 3 to 4 products morning an night. Avoid mechanical exfoliating it can cause more irritation. I prefer to use our Mystical Masque to exfoliate when my skin is more sensitive but err on the side of caution and ask for samples prior to using any new product.


xx Lisa



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