Cleanse and Tone With These Skincare Essentials

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Whether you're spending a day inside, travelling or exploring the great outdoors, it's important to cleanse your skin thoroughly each day. We love skincare rituals that refresh and reset. When it comes to skincare we like to choose the best essentials! Our skincare cleansers we are featuring on the blog today are Jelly Cleanser and Wild Tea Cleanser

Cleanse the Day Away

Our Jelly Cleanser sweeps the day away and restores your skin's balance.

An aromatic blend enriched with skin calming Sea Buckthorn and skin brightening Cloudberry. These ingredients work in harmony to gently and effectively cleanse the skin while restoring the skin's healthy microbiome while tightening pores. 

For more dry skin or if you like a creamy cleanser our Wild Tea Cleanser is a great choice. It effectively removes make up, maintains the skin's delicate microbiome and helps skin quickly absorb serums and treatment creams and or lotions. It is ideal for aging, dry and blemish prone skin.

How to Wash Your Face

Splash tepid water on your skin to prepare skin for your cleanser, pump a dime sized amount of cleanser in your palm and dab on the tips of all fingers. Place your hands on your chin and forehead lightly placing product there, then do the same on your cheeks, massage into the skin for a minute or two, making sure to massage your neck lightly.

Splash more water on the skin and wipe off excess cleanser with a wash cloth, rinse cloth and wipe face and neck again. ( Pro Tip use baby facecloths! They are thinner and more resilient than regular facecloths + they are much easier to remove makeup )

Dab dry with a face towel. Wipe all excess product off the skin then pat dry with a towel. You are ready to tone the skin. I've had blemish prone skin my whole life, here are some tips to keep your skin looking clear and blemish free.


*Make sure you change your pillowcase daily if you experience blemish prone skin.

*Use an unscented detergent to wash your bedsheets, *use less than the recommended amount of detergent if you have sensitive & blemish prone skin, but wash on a longer cycle to thoroughly cleanse your bed linens.

Rinse your hair in the shower by tilting your head backwards, shampoo ingredients can sometimes aggravate the delicate skin on the face. Use sulphate free shampoos. *Our shampoo and body wash can be used on hair face and body 

How to Tone Your Face

Toners are tricky, you want one that effectively rebalances your skin's pH without over drying the skin. Aurora Mist is a hydrating mist that is the quickest, most effective way to rebalance & hydrate skin without heaviness. Spritz our Magical Mist onto the skin from about 10-12 inches away and pat into the skin with the tips of your fingers. Packed with antioxidant rich berries, this toner is a unique adaptogenic blend that restores dull, dehydrated skin and rebalance your skin’s microbiome.

This naturally derived product can be used as a primer, refresher throughout the day. It can be used post workout to re-hydrate the skin. It is an effective moisturizer for all skin types. It can also moisten the skin while cleansing if water is not available... follow with one of our moisturizers and Rose Petal Eye Cream to protect skin from free radical damage.



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