Self Care Saturday Hand Care

Self Care Saturday Hand Care

Self Care Saturday is definitely a day I love experimenting with different self care rituals! I spent the day roaming around the Avalon and ended up in Bay Roberts where my friend Michelle and I did some exploring and visited Mad Rocks Cafe for brunch.( Ahhmazing btw). This afternoon when I got back I did a quick little self care ritual on my hands. I always apply hand cream in the evening more than the daytime and where I spend a lot of time formulating, gardening and DIYing I find my hands and I need this weekly weekend routine.

This 5-15 minute routine will pamper those hands and leave them petal soft. #selfcaresaturday 

Step 1

Thoroughly wash your hands, scrubbing under the nails, wipe dry.

Step 2 

Apply a little oil serum to your nails and hands, gently push back cuticles

Step 3 

Apply a little sugar exfoliant to palm of wet hands, massage into both hands over the sink vanity until sugar melts and rinse off

Step 4 

Apply Releaf Hand Cream (1/2 dime size amount or less) massage into hands, wrists and fingers for 3-5 minutes


*If you have any joint pain adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil soothes hands

* Doing hand exercises like pressing your fingers together stretches the digit muscles and relaxes them. 

* Pressing your hands against the bottom of a filled sink of warm water releases hand tension.

* Always wear gloves washing dishes and never put your hands in chemical water that you clean your house with. This causes recurring chemical burns to your hands. Try switching to earth friendly and human friendly cleaners. No one needs toxins in their body from cleaners. 




PS What are your hand care tips you love to do weekly?


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