The ISC's Guide To Men's Skincare Routines

Surprise! Here is our Men's Skincare Routine for healthy clear skin

A simple easy skincare routine that any guy can stick to.

Here's our simple routine that works well for normal, combination/oily skin:

    1. Cleanser: Start by washing your face with a gentle cleanser like Avalonia Jelly Cleanser to remove impurities. This gentle yet lightly exfoliating cleanser has seabuckthorn, organic aloe and cloudberry. It effectively cleanses without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

    2. Toner: Pat your face dry and use Aurora Mistthis boreal based botanical water soothes freshly shaved facial skin, calms redness and is naturally anti-bacterial + it helps balance your skin's pH and prepare it for the next steps in your routine.

    3. Serum: Apply Bayman Face and Beard Serum this is an easily absorbed serum packed with anti-inflammatory nutrients to renew the skin. Labrador Tea and Seabuckthorn Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, are anti-inflammatory, hydrate the skin while promoting elasticity and cell generation to rejuvenate and renew. It brightens your skin while nourishing deeply.

    4. Moisturizer: Follow up with Avalonia Lotion, this lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer will lock in your skin's moisture throughout the day without heaviness. If you have combination oily skin maybe skip the moisturizer in the summer months.

Don't forget to apply sunscreen in the morning before heading out, even if it's cloudy outside. Regular use of sunscreen can help protect your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays and prevent premature aging. Pay attention to the back of your neck, your ears, and nose. These areas tend to receive the most damage and this is generally where mild skin cancer (basil cell carcinoma) starts after excessive sun exposure. 

Remember, consistency is always key when it comes to a skincare routine. Stick to this routine for a few weeks and see how your skin responds. Adjust your routine as needed based on your skin's needs and any concerns that arise

Extra products we recommend for men to add to their skincare routine

Looking for an Anti-aging Regime? We recommend Boreal Age Defense

Boreal Body Wash use daily for face, hair and body if you have sensitive acne prone or dry skin. This waterless aloe cleanser leaves skin clear, smooth and healthy. 

Blueberry Bliss Scrub to slough away dry skin once or twice weekly



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