Weekly Facials Improve the Health of Your Skin

Lisa Walsh, Founder of Island Skincare  walking Topsail Beach.

Wouldn’t we all love to go for a facial at a spa once a week?

I love facials and body treatments, they are my favourite spa services.
I also love creating rituals for my own self care at home. In some ways it is more relaxing and beneficial because of the weekly consistency.

Usually I do a complete facial on myself every Sunday and an express one on Thursdays. the first facail to prepare my skin for my weekend to look my best and Sunday to rehydrate  and treat my skin for the week ahead. I feel refreshed and relaxed with this Sunday evening ritual that I want to share with you today. 


The Steps I Follow for My Home Facial...


Usually I change things up weekly depending on my skin's needs. As a woman with mature skin that is also combination and tends to be dehydrated easily I like to apply a cream based masque and I love to do extra exfoliation to prepare my skin to absorb as much of the actives in my Aurora Mist, Firming Serum and Labrador Night Cream which is my routine this week. I always use Rose Petal Eye Cream that never changes as the rose oil, Labrador tea extracts and hyaluronic acid  are so beneficial to the delicate area around the eyes and lips.


Cleansing Phase

My facial product list this week is 

Aurora Facial Bar (1st cleanse)

Wild Tea Cleanser (2nd cleanse)

Aurora Mist (balancing toner)

Avalonia Mystical Masque mixed with Aurora Exfoliant to exfoliate gently but thoroughly by applying in circular motion until sugar melts into the skin. This combo of products is not recommended for sensitive skin.

Aurora Mist Again

Treatment Phase

Massage with Firming Serum for 2-5 minutes with Swedish Facial Massage Movements, I avoid my nose area and focus on my chest, décolleté and  rest of my face. If you have combination skin a massage can activate your skin to produce more oil with a massage and cause breakouts so if you like massage keep it to a minimum if you have blemish prone skin.

Aurora Mist, spray mist liberally all over face , neck and décolleté.

Apply  Labrador Tea Night Cream mixed with Aurora Sleep Masque to treat more mature skin.  

Apply Rose Petal Eye Cream around delicate eye area pat into the skin lightly using tapotement 

As a Sunday evening ritual I leave my cream masque on overnight for extra nourishment for my skin to get the maximum results from the actives in these formulas. Everyone's skin is different. If you want to wash off the masque do so and follow with Aurora Mist, Firming Oil and either Firming Cream or Labrador Tea Night Cream. If you like a lighter texture any of our day creams can be used in the evening. Labrador Tea Day Cream is the most popular of our light textured creams for mature or blemish prone skin.

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