6 Beauty Tips That Turns "The Pyramid of Age" On Its Head

6 Beauty Tips That Turns "The Pyramid of Age" On Its Head

Unlock the Secrets to a Youthful Face: High Cheekbones, Full Cheeks & Defined Jawline. As a 58 year old woman I use every beauty tip I have in my preverbial toolkit to look and feel my best.  I want to preface this post by saying this blog post is for women fifty plus looking for alternatives to botox and fillers. As I had Bells Palsy in 2007 I am contraindicated to having fillers.

The self care tips below to look your best are not suggesting anything negative, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE. I have found menopause to be so challenging myself I thought I would share my tips to help women feel great and look gorgeous.

A little background ...

The youth triangle, located between the high points of the cheeks and the tip of the chin, naturally inverts with age. We are going to flip it around with trick of the eye beauty tips to naturally enhance your look to look younger. Let’s go! 


Cleanse twice and exfoliate deeply to prepare skin for toner, eye cream, serum and moisturizer. Exfoliating gives you a clean canvas. Always use a primer before applying make up. The epidermis thickens as we age, I find using peels aggravates my skin tone so I stick to natural mechanical face scrubs ( Aurora Exfoliant ) I do use our clay masque once a month.

*All skin gets more sensitive with age so be careful not to overdo a routine.


Have your hair styled to "lift your features, subtle volume with layers, think Jane Fonda , it gives the face a lift without doing anything to improve your skin. I see a lot of women wearing hairstyles that drag their pretty faces downward. If you like long hair, style it daily, get it layered softly and a baby fringe adds softness and sublty hides the 11 between your brows ands forehead lines.

Beauty Tip #3 

Louis Licari, a famous hair colourist,who styled celebrities hair always recommended highlights around the temples, eyes and upper part of face and head to draw the attention of the person looking at you to the upper part of your face. So many celebrities do this to brighten and illuminate their faces. It also detracts from neck lines. Hello Jane Fonda again, she has this look down pat and always looks amazing!

Beauty Tip #4 

Apply eye make up differently, a smokey eye in your late 50's needs to be applied taking the person's facial physiogy into consideration. ( I'll be doing a You Tube video on my tricks to do this and will be emailing to our VIP list. Go get on our newsletter list. The sign up form is at the bottom of our home page.) I like to use white matt triple baked eyeshadow above the brow to enhance the lifting effect from the angled smokey "cat eye" shape that naturally lifts the face. 

Beauty Tip #5 

Use very light textured concealer around the outer edges of eyes where there is "hollowing" around the lips and nasolabial folds as well as any lines on neck and forehead ( I love Too Faced Peach Concealer, it is matte and does not clump. Blend in with a foundation brush or blender. Then apply a light CC Cream I love "Pur" it goes on velvety smooth. I then use translucent powder to "set" the makeup. The best part about this is you don't feel like you have makeup on at all. Feels natural and comfortable. Your skin looks amazing and it can breathe.

Beauty Tip #6 

Use nude, neutral, pale pink or peach lip stick and neutral lip liners to create a fresh lip, you can line the outside of the lip line before or after lip liner with a white or cream coloured liner to accentuate your lip line thus making lips look larger. Line a little over the line on the outer edges Marilyn Monroe style. Dark plum, red or pink lips lined with darker liner draw the eye downwards. Neutral lips are best, think Patti Hansen, she always looks so stunning with a neutral lip. Light brings forward, dark receeds. Go for light lips with a little gloss to enhance your lips without filler or irritating lip plumper. 

Learning how to modernize  and glow up your makeup look is always great . We cannot be going around with makeup on like we are back in the 80's and 90's. The biggest mistakes in make up I see is women wear matte powdery products that really age them and their lip stick is too stark, which accentuates lines. Exfoliating weekly and changing the texture of the products will have you looking 5-10 years younger right away! What are you waiting for? Get glowing babes.

SOURCES: According to Dr. Anne Abena Burton of  www.beautybyburton.co.uk

"Aging can present as lines and wrinkles, but also occurs beneath the skin.
Signs of aging exist at every layer of the facial structure, including skin, fat pads, muscles and bone. In our youth, facial features are defined and well contoured. This is commonly refered to as the Triangle of Youth. As aging occurs, the triangle becomes inverted."

“I like to think of these tips as the "pyramid effect" you will feel majestic and beautiful when you love yourself first and look like the queen you are.” Lisa Walsh

Aging is personal, with genetics and the environment pulling some strings but a consistent self care grooming routine will have you looking your absolute best. Our next blog post covers my winter skincare routine. 




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