Real talk: Self-care doesn’t have to be selfish 

Imagine a world where you take dedicated moments to escape, unwind and rejuvenate—without the guilt. It’s time to normalize taking care of yourself because everyone deserves to feel good in their own skin. And that’s exactly what we’re here to help you do. 


Always thinking outside the (plastic-free) box

Female-led and always driven by our passion for sustainable, effective skincare, we aim to continuously set the standard in the natural skincare industry. With our "less is more" philosophy, we only use ethically-harvested crème de la crème ingredients that are always sustainably bottled, so you get the whole package—without the plastic.


Renewed confidence, bottled
Island Skincare’s founder and skincare expert, Lisa Walsh, knows first-hand the effect that clear—or unclear—skin can have on your confidence. After dealing with stubborn acne throughout her life since adolescence, she knew there had to be a better solution than alcohol-filled products or synthetic options that messed with hormones. It took many years of research and changed careers before Island Skincare was born.

Balancing nature’s bounty with rigorous scientific research, Lisa became a woman on a mission: To formulate skincare that not only provided a renewed sense of confidence, but felt like a luxurious pampering experience. Countless years of research later and 14 years since its inception, her mission strongly stands today.
Island Skincare


Giving back is in our nature
Call it traditional, down-to-earth Newfoundland values, but we care deeply about supporting local initiatives and giving back to our community. With us, you're not just getting skincare. You're joining a collective that’s devoted to sustainable beauty and local growth.