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Mid week rituals are always great to boost your mood and body to enjoy the rest of your week with as much energy and vitality as possible. By Wednesday, as an entrepreneur, I am usually feeling the pressure of the work week demands mid week. I find a little foot soak and foot massage really does wonders to boost my mood and body. Paired with a walk or run in nature as an end of evening ritual you will feel refreshed and ready for your the rest of the week.

Foot Soak Mid Week Ritual 

Fill a pedicure water soaker to the fill line or use a large stainless steel bowl with hot water. Add a pump of Boreal Body Wash, sprinkle in a little Aurora Salts and sink your feet into the water. I have Labradorite stones an Inuit elder hand carved for me, I put these in the water and place my feet on them. You can add any crystals and botanicals, citrus slices or whatever essential oil that relaxes you. Changing up this ritual is a fun and creative exercise in itself.

Set the Mood 

Have a hand towel and foot towel handy so you can dry your feet afterwards. 

Light a candle, dim the lights and close your eyes. This is a great time to do a guided meditiation. We love Kate Murphy's Abundance meditation

Add an essential oil, when I use Aurora Salts the scent of wild rose and pink grapefruit is subtle but enough to relax me with its gentle aroma.

Guided Meditation

When you gently come back to your physical space take your time drying your feet and then apply Amenity Body Lotion to your feet in a massaging motion for a few minutes. This unscented light lotion was created with adaptogenic botanicals from the island and is the amenity lotion we formulated for Fogo Island Inn It is a quick absorbing formula that restores your skin's moisture naturally.

Practicing self care rituals is always beneficial to your mind , body and spirit. Which rituals do you love to do for self care? 

Make A Plan For Weekly Self Care Rituals 

We are currently doing a 21 Day Skincare Routine Challenge here on our blog and on social media platforms FB and IG. Join us in our journey to create your own rituals to add a little more joy to your day.

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