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Sundays are for what I would call "lazy day routines." I tend to do longer, more in-depth skincare rituals on days when I have more free time. Today I did exactly that, sorry for the late post today because I took that time, but I needed it. Here is my dreamy Sunday skincare rituals for a long weekend. I enjoyed taking the day to relax unwind after a busy week.

Sunday Skincare Ritual May 24th

If you read my blogs you know that my favourite ritual is a long leisurely bath, it is therapeutic and so calming. Here are my skincare tips for a Sunday routine you can lessen or lengthen depending on your lifestyle.

Dry brush your skin head to toe with a sisal, jute or coconut brush or a natural exfoliating mitt. Brush towards your heart, this creates lymphatic flow, exfoliates the skin before the bath and is the beginning of almost a meditative state of relaxation.

Soak in a bubble bath for 15 minutes ( I love our Boreal Body Wash it creates the perfect bubble bath and is safe for women who are ultra sensitive to bath products.) It contains Pine and Lemongrass essential oils which are naturally anti bacterial.

I washed my hair with the Body wash today as well, it is a safe pH for hair and body plus it is organic aloe based so it cleanses without leaving my hair too dry and tangly. I love multipurpose products. The body wash is also safe to use on the face, but I tend to go for our creamy Wild Tea Cleanser after all week my skin needs the softness of that one, especially for fast easy make up removal. Then I rinsed out the shampoo (I use a hand held shower head that rinses my hair thoroughly, if I don't do this my hair does not cooperate with any product left in it all.) I towelled owel excess water from myhair your then and applied Boreal Conditioner. This is a light conditioner that restores the hair's pH, moisturizes the scalp and makes my hair so shiny. You only need a tiny amount where it is waterless. I towel wrapped my hair then and relaxed for a few minutes.

Sunday Facial

In the bath ...I like to cleanse my face with Wild Tea Cleanser, use Aurora Exfoliant for. thorough second cleanse. The freshness of these two products has a slight floral and herbaceous aroma. Then I applied Mystical Masque to my neck and face, it is active and helps deeply cleanse pores. I left it on 10 minutes. 

After soaking in the tub I find that your facial skin can experience transdermal water loss resulting in dedydrated skin so I always follow the masque with Aurora Mist and one of our oil serums. Lately I've been obsessed with the Firming Body Oil and yes it is safe for the face. The coffeeberry essential oil and unique combination of global oils helps add noticable firmness to the skin on my neck and face. Going through menopause all I can say is that using our oil serums on my skin to maintain density and firmness is really important. 

I drifted off into deep relaxation. I listened to soft music andhad lit a candle. Those little things are all nice spa touches to add to a Sunday ritual.

Then I showered off with cool water, I rinse my hair in cold water, it keeps my fine blonde hair healthy and shiny. It takes some getting used to, but once you do it it is addictive. Lastly I applied Firming Cream and Rose petal Eye Cream ... Then I had a two hour nap!!... which is why my blog post is so late but I totally enjoyed my Sunday. 

I hope a peek into my Sunday ritual today gives you some ideas for incorporating a longer routine into your weekend self care, you totally deserve to spoil yourself with relaxation and you have more vitality which is important to sustain you throughout the week. 




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