Sobeys Best Local Overall Supplier of The Year Award

ISC Wins Best Local Overall Supplier for Sobeys 2021


We have some good news, we were bursting at the seams here holding it in! Each year Sobeys celebrates  the passion, innovation and commitment of local supply partners from coast to coast  through their “Local Supplier Awards.”

Sobeys store teams and Local Development Managers select the top local supply partners in each region for the Best New Local Supplier Partner Award, the Local Innovation Award, and the Best Overall Local Supplier Award. Thank you to everyone at Sobeys who support local businesses, we always feel welcome walking into your stores. Due to the pandemic this award was delayed and was announced at the Sobeys 2022 Virtual Road Show last week, this is a 2021 award. 

This award is so special to me because of the feeling of home I get from walking into Sobeys and the supportive mentoring I have received as a local supply partner with my rebrand.

As a teenager I worked with my mother in our local grocery store in Bay de Verde, little did I know how integral those years would be. I deeply respect the commitment each and every grocery store employee makes everyday to serve the public. Being a passionate, driven person with a purpose to make people’s lives better I feel so at home in Sobeys grocery stores. 

The swirl of confidant energy, smiles, teamwork and work ethic remind me of my mother… you touch my heart everyday when I see people so much like her. This award signifies all the goodness of this beautiful journey my team and I are on with Sobeys…

Manufacturing locally since 2009 with all the learning curves has not been easy… but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just like when Mr. J W Sobey started Sobeys in 1907, I am on a mission to build this company to support people in my community, province, and region. Supporting local is always on the menu in my home and business! Congrats to all local suppliers for having the fortitude to build your dreams.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us… especially Paul, Mary, Nikki, Fergus, our incredible team, and Lynda



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