Day 3 of The 21 Day Skincare Routine Challenge

Day 3 of The 21 Day Skincare Routine Challenge

As a group of women who make skincare everyday we thought we would share with you some of our ideas on skincare routines we love. We change things up weekly and seasonally to create the best routines to achieve the skincare results we want. This basic skincare routine will have you face happy, hydrated and healthy! If you like minimalist routines you will love this 4 step ritual for day or evening.

This complete skincare routine was selected for all skin types, who have a primary goal of achieving glowing, hydrated skin. This routine appeals to you if you prefer cream based moisture to serums and your skin is always thirsty and "drinks up" everything you apply quickly. 

For daily self care if you have normal to sensitive skin or dehydrated dry skin this routine will have your skin translucent and brightened in a short time (2 days)

*Keep in mind it is always good to consume 1/2 your weight in ounces of water daily and to eat good fats like avocado, olive or grapeseed instead of trans fats that add free radicals to your body. The outside reflects the inside, the health of your body is often times seen in the skin first. Our skin houses the majority of our immune system so immune reaction signals often happen here first. Sensitive skin generally benefits from minimal routines that have a "less is more" ingredient list. 



Cleanse with Facial Bar, tone with Aurora Mist, moisturize with Aurora Moisturizer, follow with Rose Petal Eye Cream.

      1.Aurora Facial Bar  

  • Gently cleanses the skin
  • Hydrates and repairs the skins microbiome 
  • Made with natural ingredients 
  • Infused with Blue Tansy and Labrador Tea
  • Zero waste 
  • Light floral scent from the Blue Tansy2.Aurora Toner 

       2.Aurora Toner 

  • liquid moisturizer 
  • Calms and hydrates the skin 
  • Packed with antioxidant rich berries
  • Adaptogenic blend that restores dull, dehydrated skin and rebalance your skin’s microbiome encased
  • Sustainable packaging 3. Aurora Moisturizer

        3. Aurora Moisturizer

  • Botanical blend of antioxidants berry and plant extracts
  • Smoothes texture 
  • Balances skin tone 
  • Wild rose soothes the skin and provides a youthful glow
  • Contains aloe juice and lavender water

        4. Rose Petal Eye Cream

  • Best seller since 2013
  • Hylauronic acid and Labrador tea based cream
  • Firm, soothes, and brightens delicate eye area as well as any aging lines on the face or neck.


        PRO TIPS:

         *Always apply your moisturizers to damp freshly cleansed skin so as to lock in moisture after a shower or bath to prevent transdermal water loss. (TEWL)

         *Apply a small amount of eye cream with your ring fingers they put less pressure on the delicate eye area.

          * Use your eye cream on your lip area to plump the lip line

          * Put your soap in a dry area ( we love the Whale Tail Soap Dish ) so it does not "melt" in water

          * Put your toner in your refrigerator or mini fridge for a cool spritz to calm hot flashes or when you are overheated in the summer sun. Same for the eye cream, especially in summer months when a cooler application reduces eye puffiness especially in the morning.

           * Learn to read a cosmetic label and become aware of which ingredients cause immune reactions. Preservatives and fragrance are the two top ones I find causes my skin react negatively which is why I founded ISC to provide healthy affordable options to look and feel your best. 

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