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Made in Newfoundland, Canadian innovation, Labrador Tea Night Cream

According to GCI Magazine "Today’s consumers want the beauty brands they use to source ingredients ethically, are transparent and authentic, appealing to the senses, and offer products with high efficacy," notes a recent Mintel report. In this environment, "consumers will choose what works for them more than what is popular on social media platforms." This is refreshing to hear for Island Skincare. We spent the first five years delving deeply into research and development of indigenous plants native to NL and North America. Factual documented science is important to us and even more important to relay to our customers. 

While we are not a global or even national brand, our focus has been on authenticity, transparency and high efficacy from Day 1 at ISC. That initially slowed down our growth as we wanted to formulate with science and not just rely on marketing buzzwords that have trended over the past 15 years. 

Today we are going to focus on products for our skincare routine that are backed by research and development. We investigated the benefits of boreal botanicals and created 8 extract blends that fight aging, acne and sensitivity. Through many trials and tests we found that these boreal superstars of the northern hemisphere work even better together. 

The top 5 products formulated from this research are:

1. Labrador Tea Night Cream

2. Arctic Firming Cream

ReLeaf Hand Cream

Aurora Moisturizer

 Aurora Mist

  Labrador Tea Night Cream

An overnight cream that has our proprietary"arctic sunshine"extract that exponentially fights free radical damage. This cream is suitable for all skin types, was formulated for menopausal skin but has excellent resuts for calming and healing skin that is sensitive or blemish prone.

 Arctic Firming Cream

A light textured day cream utilizing a new extract blend catering to "dermal layer density". As we age the dermal layer thins, this creme quickly absorbs and tightens skin. Infused with coffeeberry oil this cream improves the tone of the skin on the face and neck. We like to use a variety of facial massage tools like a jade roller  atleast once a week to improve the absorption of the product. (another blog will be devoted to these tools but here is a little info you may be interested in.)


Massage tools for the face can have several benefits. Firstly, they can help to improve blood circulation in the skin, which can make it look brighter and more radiant. This can be especially helpful for people who suffer from dull or tired-looking skin.


 ReLeaf Hand Cream

Your hands work hard everyday daylight to dark and they show the first signs of age. This boreal extract infused hand cream has an anti-aging extract blend normally reserved for facial products. (We can do this economically because we forage and extract our own extracts on site here on the Avalon ). ReLeaf Hand Cream improves hydration, skin tone and texture, your hands look and feel much better after just one use.

PRO TIP: Wear gloves when using household cleaners, weather they are homemade or store bought. They tend to aggravate the skin over time creating a long term chemical burn on the hands. When you don't protect your hands your body is being exposed to more chemicals daily than is healthy or recommended. 


 Aurora Moisturizer

Enriched with Wild Blueberry & Rose. This nourishing cream moisturizer has a botanical blend of antioxidants berry and plant extracts that is safe for all skin types. Aurora Moisturizer’s light texture and refreshing citrus aroma provides an uplifting morning and evening ritual. Does not contain SPF, we recommend using this product with a tinted foundation SPF in either a lotion or powder. 


  Aurora Mist

Packed with antioxidant rich berries, our Magical Mist is a unique adaptogenic blend that can restore dull, dehydrated skin and rebalance your skin’s microbiome encased in a sustainable white porcelain glass bottle with a bamboo spray top. Refillable.



Finally now to review this science backed routine. We recommend using

Wild Tea Cleanser for your first cleanse then the 2 Aurora Facial Bar as a second cleanse, mist with Aurora Mist  between each step. 

Apply 3 Rose Petal Eye Cream around eyes and lips then apply 4 Aurora Moisturizer all over the face and neck, patting in a tapping not rubbing motion.

ReLeaf Hand Cream Apply throughout the day everytime after you wash your hands or sanitize them. A pea size amount is plenty. This is a waterless product*


 Interested in learning more about our research or rituals visit the links below. 

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