The Social Butterfly Friday Skincare Routine

Fresh and Glowy Friday Skincare Routine

It usually goes something like this... It's the end of the week, you are excited to see your friends and enjoy an evening out, but you literally have less than an hour to get home, shower and get your self ready and out the door on time! 

Here is a quick routine to follow when you want to look your best and time is of the essence.

Pin hair up and back and pop in the shower for a quick refresh. Use a shower cap if you don't want frizzy hair. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair a little dampness can make your hair look artfully messy and sexy. 

We recommend using:

Boreal Body Wash it is a staple, this organic aloe based shower gel is safe for all skin types and smells sooo good. We love the lemongrass essential oils in this one. Use it to thoroughly cleanse face and body. It removes make up quickly and won't leave skin tight or dry. A multipurpose heavenly product for minimalists. Follow with Aurora Mist

Once towelled off, mist face, back and all over your body it is a refreshing ritual reset to start your weekend and you are literally smelling like a rose!🌹

Wardrobe, keep it simple, long maxi dresses are a quick choice or jeans and a white shirt is classically timeless.

Skincare Routine: Apply (to face and body)  Amenity Body Lotion this unscented adaptogenic lotion calms skin, hydrates intensely and absorbs instantly.Its perfect before makeup. Apply Rose Petal Eye Cream to your peepers and tap in quickly but gently. We like to use this on our lip area as well.

Make up Routine:

Apply mascara first, then apply CC cream, my favourite foundation is a CC Foundation, it has a gorgeous glowy texture, looks amazing and has SPF, follow with a little creme blush on cheeks and lips then follow with Smooch Lip Balm and finally add a little eyeliner and creme shadow. Creme products are very forgiving and are light diffusing... making you look and feel more beautiful. If time is not on your side for a full on make up application this is my "go to" type of product to  quickly put on your make up.

A touch up of your hair, say 5-10 minutes max, messy pony updo's always look feminine and pretty. Tilt your hair upside down and spray lightly with a non aerosol light hairspray it will lift hair from the roots and it looks so natural compared to teasing or over styling the hair. 

Carry a powder compact if you have oily skin for quick touchups. 🌸

Enjoy your weekend beauties! 


PRO TIP: Always keep extra shoes, a jacket and any other essentials you always reach for in your car. As an entrepreneur I never know where I am going to end up being and last minute plans are a given for me, so having an emergency bag packed and in the car is perfect for last minute events.


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