What is a Botanical Steamer? Why is it Beneficial?

Rainflowers.ca Botanical Steamer for Island Skincare

A natural beauty remedy for deeply cleansing your skin that has been used in ancient times yet still is a modern way to cleanse and detoxify your skin.  A botanical facial steam delivers so much more than a steam. It helps control maskne, improves circulation, helps control acne breakouts and is very relaxing. 

Facial Steaming can aid to control or reduce acne breakouts, boost circulation and increase circulation, giving your face a clear, healthy glow.

By adding boiling water to your botanicals you get the benefit of the hand foraged, pesticide-free botanicals that release their healing properties through the droplets of dewy steam that caress your skin... the warmth of the steam will open your pores, allowing your skin to fully receive the benefits of the adaptogenic botanicals.

We recommend using it once or twice weekly, followed by our Avalonia Mystical Masque, Aurora Magical Mist,  Serum, and Moisturizer. Practicing consistent self care rituals improves our physical and mental health. There are 168 hours in a week and you deserve to take the time to honour and nourish your mind and body. 

How To Use  A Botanical Steamer: Place 1tablespoon of botanicals into a large pyrex bowl, cover with  and freshly cleansed face4 cups of boiling water. Drape a towel over your head to capture steam. Enjoy for 2-10 min while the botanicals and steam decongest your skin. We love to use the botanical water mixed with our masque and you can pour the the rest in your bath or use for a manicure or pedicure soak. We love to reduce-reuse-recycle everything we can. 

We are strongly invested in supporting local makers.

*A working collaboration with "Rain Flowers" ( Rhonda Critchley) a talented botanical Indigneous artist who connects us to the land with her Botanical Land Jar. It's so pretty you will want one to keep it on display but trust us it is worth using to give your skin and spirit the uplifting we all need right now


We are strongly invested in supporting local makers who mindfully forage and create unique,safe, beautiful products.

If you are a maker you can submit your product for review to hellobeautiful@indigenaskincare.com. 




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