Why Exfoliants are The Cherry On Top of Your Skincare Routine

Aurora Exfoliant the perfect summer exfoliant for your skincare routine.
Exfoliation is an important skincare step, it involves removing the surface layer of skin cells, revealing a fresh glow.

Exfoliating your face will improve the texture and tone of your skin. If you have blemish prone skin it keeps your pores clear thus preventing more breakout and it helps to clear existing breakouts. Monthly hormonal breakouts are frustrating, use an exfoliant twice weekly to combat those "once a month breakouts" Try either of our exfoliants, both reveal glowing healthy skin. Aurora Exfoliant or Blueberry Bliss Scrub I love the look and feel of Aurora Exfoliant, but I still use Blueberry Bliss for body exfoliating and atleast once a month on my face and neck.  It is our top hero product since 2009. It is 100% natural product for dry dehydrated skin. Food grade with wild blueberry seeds i to exfoliate and refine the skin. Great for all skin types. It has the best rating on Think Dirty which is zero, its so healthy you can literally eat it, haha not joking it is a food grade product. 

Aurora Exfoliant is a gorgeous product with a luxurious feel and lovely aroma.

A sugar-based exfoliator filled to the brim with antioxidant rich berries and organic Matcha Tea. Suitable for face and body. This illuminating resurfacer sloughs away dull skin cells and reveals smooth skin that has a healthy glow. A nourishing base of whipped shea butter and coconut.  Its beautiful dual-tone color of seafoam green and a vibrant pink rose hue. A relaxing skincare ritual that will transport you to nature’s retreat.

Key Ingredients

Cloudberry and Rosehip are rich in phenolic compounds to brighten skin 

Organic Matcha Green Tea is not only a brilliant antioxidant but also soothes the skin and protects with antibacterial benefits.

Refreshing wild rose and basil oils which encourage skin cell turnover and help to reduce hyperpigmentation.

How to Use

Scoop a dime size amount into wet hands, rub gently together to start the melting of the scrub and apply to the face and neck working upwards towards the forehead. Using gentle circular movements to fully melt the scrub and leave on for 5 minutes for an extra antioxidant boost. Can be used on face or body.

How does an exfoliant improve skin texture?

Exfoliating your face weekly encourages cellular regeneration of skin cells, the epidermis is a tightly compacted layer of dead skin cells, as you age your cell turnover rate can go to well over a month to two months! It needs a little help from these 2 mechanical exfoliants. They gently transform your skin to reveal a healthy glowing complexion. We use these exfoliants to create gentle exfoliation. Chemical exfoliants will exfoliate without you doing anything once applied. I recommend a mechanical scrub because you can control it and not over do it.

How does an exfoliant improve aging skin?

As you age, the epidermis (outermost layer of skin which is the thickness of an envelope starts to thicken in response to the dermis thinning. The dermis of a 25 year old is 25x thicker than the epidermis and it where the collagen and elasticity live. The Dermis starts to naturally deplete due to reduction in collagen production, menopause and the overall natural aging process. It is important to exfoliate but your skin is your first line of defence for your protection so it is important not to over exfoliate. Sunscreen is important too when you are exfoliating as it can lead to hyperpigmentation if you done protect your skin from sunlight.

How does an exfoliant improve your skin's ability to absorb serums and creams?aging skin?

The tightly compacted dead skin cells on the surface protect you but they also prevent your products from absorbing for the maximum benefit of your treatment products. The single most thing you can do to improve your skin's ability to absorb moisture is to exfoliate twice weekly. This product is much more cost effective too, a little goes a long way and it gives you a glowing healthy complexion. 

When you don't exfoliate, your makeup does not go on smoothly, it accentuates dryness and age lines. 

If you have questions on a facial routine visit Blog link to Home Facial or ingredient Wild Rose The Power of Wild Rose or email hellobeautiful@indigenaskincare.com with your questions.





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